Thread: Recalled/Assigned: 2013 Dallas Stars Roster Movement
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02-14-2013, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
I don't know how anyone that's been *****ing about Larsen not playing see's Oleksiak going down as a bad thing.

Everything about this situation has been mishandled from my perspective.

First of all, I didn't think Oleksiak was ready to be called up. I thought the Stars were rushing him. Not anything egregious, but also not optimal.

But if you are going to bring him up, commit to him fully. He wasn't playing so poorly that his play demanded he be removed from the lineup. He was keeping his head above water. You'd rather see him playing better, sure, but for the time being he was doing OK. Now he's been sent down and left to think about what he did or didn't do wrong.

Both Larsen and Oleksiak should have been playing. One's development should not come at the cost of the other's.

I'm not going to celebrate the coach being forced to make the right decisions through attrition of options.

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