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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
You can't compare a defenseman to a forward as their learning curves are different and roles are different.

Also for every Ennis there is a Skinner, for every Kulikov there is a Myers. ROR isn't asking for a 5 year 25 million contract he wants a 5 million 1 year deal to be paid for what he did the Avs would be stupid to not give it to him to finish this year.
I am not comparing the players, I am comparing their circumstances. Each and everyone of those players I listed are worth more then they are currently signed for. The concept of a bridge contract is to ensure that both the player and organization are confident in each others abilities moving forward.

Jeff Skinner has the same amount of points as O'Rielly after two NHL seasons. He is a far more prolific and proven talent. Tyler Myers also had three very good seasons before signing that contract, compared to O'Rielly's one. I also guarantee you that Buffalo is now kicking themselves for going that route with Myers as he is currently struggling, and has actually regressed since his rookie year. That is the risk you take on long term deals with relatively unproven players. Colorado has every right to not want to take that risk on a player that does NOT have elite upside.

ROR demands simply don't match what the market dictates his value to be. He has now sat out 1/4th of the season and has put his team in a significant hole. That alone tells me enough about this kids character. I would not want to take that risk either if I was in charge in Colorado.

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