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02-15-2013, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by enviro61 View Post
I love Anderson but you would have to be a fool not to entertain offers. We are rebuilding and his value is at an all time high. If we are out of the playoffs you move him for the right deal imo. We go with Lehner and Bishop the rest of the way, giving them the opportunity to get some experience before next season.
I understand, we trade for picks and prospects. However, when we have the BEST current goaltender in the NHL, and a goaltender who has been brilliant since his arrival almost two years ago; why would you focus on trading the best asset the team has?

Andy is currently the best NHL goaltender. Since we are re'build'ing, lets BUILD on that.

I hope Anderson plays lights out for the next few years and happily concludes his contract,... only to get resigned for another four or five years of goaltending brilliance.

If we have to trade Lehner, so be it. I would rather have a goaltender who gives the team confidence and gives the team a chance to win every night rather than a potential prospect who is years away from achieving his potential.

Right now, we have a guy that 'IS' achieving his potential. His name is Mr. Anderson. =) Enjoy it!!

If Lehner is smart, he will earn the back-up position, and learn from Andy for the next few years while providing him a little extra family time and/or pursuit of culinary endeavours.

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