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02-15-2013, 01:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Well, here is a demonstration with various knives on a Kevlar vest, so obviously since I've been retired a few years advancements have been made.

Now, this Kevlar is much thicker than a stocking would be, but nevertheless this is very impressive. The Kevlar we wore when I was an LEO would never have stopped these knife attacks (but they would stop regular bullet rounds, go figure).

I was just waiting to see if this guy would chop of a finger or two.

BTW your age is a huge factor in recovery time and total healing. The older you are the more motion is lost and the further away you will get from your former you. Strange wording but I didn't know how to put it.

That is a nasty length of stitching, I'm not a doctor but was that really necassary. I mean when I got my acl fixed they took some "spareparts" from my tigh and they made one little hole at my knee and from there went up my tigh (a good distance) to take the "part" they needed. It could be different when you are going the other way perhaps, meaning inserting instead of taking I guess.

Either way hope you will get better, it stinks to loose mobility and you have to step back on certain actions.

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