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Originally Posted by BmxHockey View Post
I agree with Malreg. The later (hips open to puck) for me the puck needs to be in inside back skate (it's a preference). I think if the puck is too in front (front foot or more) then flex & accuracy are potentially compromised, you're off balance and overall it's all over the place, lol.
Sorry, I explained this terribly. Although my starting position, I have the puck closer to the inside of my front foot, I load my weight onto my back leg as I start my back swing. As I start my downswing, I push off my back leg to transfer the weight to my front leg to drive through the shot. I actually move forward so at impact, i would say that the puck would be at the middle of my stance. Never tried having the puck end up closer to the back leg as I keep thinking i need to hit the ice a few inches before the puck. So this is why I was wondering what everyone's preference for puck position at impact; maybe there is an optimal spot?

Ok, another poorly worded question using directions: For a right handed shooter, where the puck is closer to either your front leg (west) or back leg (east), do you have a preference having the puck further away from your body (north), or closer to your body (south)? Sorry again for the poor question.

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