Thread: Confirmed Trade with Link: [PIT/WPG] Eric Tangradi for a 7th round pick in 2013
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02-15-2013, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan View Post
Do you consider Letestu or Strait signficant losses? For the most part - those guys are "nice" players, but not guys I worry about my team losing.

The issue of having guys who are afraid of making a mistake - that's obviously a coaching issue, but a part of that falls on the players as well with having confidence in their abilities. I just don't see it as a major issue when your team has a spare part that ends up being able to play on a really downtrodden franchise (I feel for the Isle fans). Not ripping on anyone, but there are players on the Islanders that I wouldn't want to be playing for my team. The fact that Strait is a big fish in a little pond doesn't mean that he would be playing the same way in PITT.
Its not so much that guys like Letestu, Strait, Tangradi and Lovejoy (and we can add Nick Johnson) are or were losses for the roster as is/was.

It is more a matter of it being lousy asset management and that hurts in so far as they are all NHL capable assets that we got a combined 4th, 5th and 7th round draft pick for.

The only negative impact Tangradi can possibly be said to have had, that occurred singularly when he was asked to do a hell of a lot more than he could be considered ready for - ie. playing top oppositions next to Malkin. We were 26-14-2 with Tangradi in the lineup in the regular season over the past three years and 3-0-0 in the playoffs. He did not hurt us at all, and with the potential he has, it should have been a no-brainer to prioritize developing him in the bottom 6 rather than play Richard Park (super redundant with the number of C's we had and only stalled Letestu/Jeffrey/Vitale) or the meaningless 4 minutes per night of a guy like MacIntyre.

Brian Strait was obviously better than Lovejoy last season also, and instead of having to waive him this season due to roster limits while getting a 5th for Lovejoy in order to not just waive him also, we should have dealt Lovejoy last season when it was obvious that we had internal replacements for him. He was never going to make an impact for us, and obviously as the Anaheim trade showed, a cheap, youngish guy who has proven himself a capable third pairing D-man in this league will always have trade value.

Letestu.... was a major hit when playing 3C for us and that line was not asked to go against top opposition but instead provide energy and secondary scoring. Imagine if we had dealt Staal for a top player to turn our top 6 complete while having Letestu (a great faceoff guy, good on the PP and fine defensively non-elite opposition) hold that third line? I like Sutter and the return for Staal in general, but I think we'd be better with one more great winger next to Crosby or Malkin and Letestu (or Jeffrey) playing 3C.

Nick Johnson, similar thing. Trade Kennedy who is a good player who has been stalling with us in latter years for a real return (or part of a package) and give Johnson the chance. He is easily a competent NHL 3rd-4th liner.

I know that NHL coaches will usually prefer the sure thing, but that is where the GM has to make decisions for the long term. Especially in a situation such as the Pens have had with extreme depth at C and in the D pipeline. When these young assets make roster players largely redundant, it is much better to get actual value for the roster player and let the young guys contribute at a fraction of the cap-hit, because before they prove themselves in the NHL, they have very little trade value.

Right now, when the Pens develop youngsters on the NHL team, it happens accidentally, and at the first sign of anything you can blame the rookies for, they ride the pine. Or get scratched when a vet is ready again, never mind the vets performance.

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