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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
There's a huge misconception on this forum, especially from those who have never played the game and who chose to ignore the players' comments when it comes to enforcers. They seem to think that enforcers prevent hockey from happening. The best example is that comment from whoever saying the Chris Neil didn't prevent Karlsson's injury.

Enforcers are deterrents to cheap-shot artists. Deterrents doesn't mean "prevent all things from happening". Rather, they make those people accountable as they know that if they act stupid, it's at their own risk. I only wish the league got rid of the instigator rule, the worst rule in hockey. You'd have even more accountability!
It's pretty frightening to read tbh. Teammates recognize their importance and they are often the most respected and most appreciated players in the room. Wayne Gretzky was offered to take one guy with him of his choosing to the LA Kings when he was traded. Who'd he take?

Who was Stevie Y's favorite teammate? Enforcers aren't there to prevent injuries or to stop the game from happening, it is what is. They still can play a valuable, but limited role and every team should have one imo.

History has shown that they are not in any way, shape or form detrimental to a hockey teams success, teams that win the cup often have a guy or two, the difference between a 4th liner and an enforcer in terms of skill is almost non existent.

It won't hurt or cost the habs season, but could provide a benefit or create a tighter knit group who go to war for one another. Seeing them do their thing inspires a sense of camaraderie. Those is the room understand and appreciate their contributions immensely. That has got to be worth something.

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