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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Was Booth already on the team? If so, why would you have made the move? The cap would have made you release a competent 2nd/3rd liner to compensate the salary. Not to mention a player like this blocks future Cs from being tried in that role (Schroeder).

It's not Mallet + 5th. It's a 2nd (unpicked) + 5th + losing Raymond/Higgins. Still do it?

Vermette is not in the same league as Booth as far as driving the net. Booth does this to the detriment of his own health. He's reckless driving to the goal. Vermette hopes he had that. I've never seen him as that type of player.

I think it's pretty telling that OTT chose to keep Kelly over Vermette. The cheaper, more defined 3C. That's the problem with Vermette, he's not better at LW than natural LWers, he's a convert, and not better than natural 3Cs, of which there are more defined and cheaper options. That's why he got dealt.

Don't get me wrong, I like Vermette. But he would have been a tweener on a team filled with them. Gillis had made his call earlier by getting Booth. Switching gears to get Vermette as a LWer, didn't make sense. On top of that, the difference in the acquisition costs between the two was significant.

Where does Vermette fit here long-term, is the question? Is he just another Raymond/Higgins? If he is, what's the point when it costs you a Raymond/Higgins down the line?
Pahlsson may have come at ~$1M less cap hit, but with the cap gymnastics Gillis was doing last deadline, there's no doubt in my mind that Vermette would've fit with the right shuffling. It wouldn't have been a huge stretch.

And you've basically hit on the beauty of what Vermette could've offered to this team...He's a Higgins who can play center...and very well at that. That's really what Vermette is. Do we hate on Higgins because he's not really a top-6 winger and is a bit of a 'tweener'? They're very similar players can't really describe them as scoring wingers/checkers/playmakers...they're just very good complementary players. They play well with very good players and take care of both ends of the ice while they do it.

And when Vermette was dealt from Ottawa, it was because they realized how top-heavy that team was and needed to change things...and were desperate for goaltending. It was a major reach. And when he was traded to Phoenix, well...that was a team jettisoning salary and trying to 'clear the decks' for a rebuild. And you already know how i feel about the price he went for on that...shockingly low. And i guarantee Phoenix wouldn't move him now for a 2nd, 5th and cruddy goaltender.

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