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Originally Posted by revolverjgw View Post
I enjoy the hockey but I don't use the results as some sort of gauge of "the state of Canadian hockey", or American or Russian or whatever. The results are all but meaningless to me because of how random hockey can be in such a small sample size, plus throwing together 20 random guys for a couple weeks makes it feel even less substantial. A bunch of 7 game
series' isn't perfect either but it's more of an equalizer and I feel like something has actually been proven by a real team that grows together.

But I do enjoy Olympic hockey anyway, it's intense and inherently exciting because of the insane skill level, sense of tradition, and novelty of the opportunity for the players. And if Canada wins or a rival loses of course I'm gonna revel on the posturing. But its just dumb fun for me rather than real pride.
Oh, i agree with this. If i were to born in NA i would probably put more weight in the NHL play-offs. The thing is tough, that someone living outside NA is going to have very hard time of forming a favorite NHL team. Of course there are few hard-core fans who follow the NHL intensively but most casual fans never get the chance to grow in a team.

Like most Toronto people will die with the Leafs due to the fact that it is their own city team and so.

I put more value on winning a Cup than Olympic gold but i enjoy the short Olympic games more intensively. Mainly cause the only team i learned to love as a young boy was the Finnish NT.

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