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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
1st part: Sorry, but that is absolutely ridiculous.

2nd part: "Advanced stats" in hockey are arbitrary imo. Hockey is a free flowing sport with too many players and variables involved in every play to accurately use "Sabre-stats". So, yes, I trust my judgement and knowledge of the sport over any spreadsheet. Especially one that apparently tells me that PK Subban is better than OEL. That right there completely invalidates those stats to me.

You want stats that I care about?
OEL at 20 years old(PK was in AHL at this age): ATOI 22:07, Coyotes Pacific division champions.
This year at 21 years old: ATOI 24:47, 2nd on his team in points.

Anyways, I'm done here. I don't care enough to continue fighting this fight. I only hope PK continues getting better, as he should, and helps this team reach the next level.
It's you who's being ridiculous. YES, you should trust the stats more than your own eyes. Anyone would know as much. Your perception is biased whereas hard numbers are not. I've been reading your posts and the people answering you throughout this thread and sincerely you just look like you're in deep denial of what kind of player P.K Subban is on a NHL level. Why do you under rate him so? Did he steal your lunch money or something?

EDIT: Worthwhile to note that while you dont seem to be able to appreciate what Subban brings, the 29 other NHL GMs (and their pro scouts, for that matter) do.

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