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02-15-2013, 06:34 AM
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It's difficult to get into the sport in the first place, as there is barely any media coverage and all you hear about is football, football, football. I bet every 5 year old has kicked a ball at least once, but how many have even seen ice?

The equipment thing is iffy too of course. You really can't get into ice hockey just to try, if you're interested you have to make some sort of comittment, wether it be getting skates etc or driving an hour to he next rink. One reason why bavaria produces most german hockey players is not only the tradition there, but also because they actually have frozen lakes or ponds where kids can get into hockey casually at first, and then go on if they like it.

I already live in one of the colder regions of west germany (sauerland), and there's just not enough lakes or ponds to freeze over for that. Have we had any sustained minus temperatues this winter? I don't think so, maybe a week.

People could play street hockey first I guess, but that's a long shot. And just naturally, if a kid wants to play hockey, his parents are gonna see the comittments that need to be made before even knowing if it's just a wild idea by a child or if it is really his sport... and they'll rather take him to soccer, handball oder basketball first which is much easier to get into, and chances are the kid will stick at one of them.

We need more rinks, and we need some programs to lure kids into hockey casually to explore their interests at first. Hockey is such a fantastic sport, if we get more kids to try it, we will have more kids playing it.

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