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Awards and Achievements:

2 x Stanley Cup Champion (1915, 1929)

2 x Retro Hart Winner (1915, 1923)
5 x PCHA First Team All-Star (1915, 1917, 1919, 1922, 1923)
3 x PCHA Second Team All-Star (1916, 1918, 1921)
WCHL First Team All-Star (1925)

Ultimate Hockey’s “Best Stick-Handler” of the 1920s

PCHA’s All-Time leading scorer

PCHA Points – 2nd(1915), 2nd(1922), 2nd(1923), 3rd(1924), 6th(1917), 9th(1918), 10th(1916), 10th(1919), 10th(1921)
PCHA Goals – 1st(1915), 1st(1924), 2nd(1923), 5th(1922), 6th(1917), 9th(1918), 9th(1921), 10th(1919)
PCHA Assists – 1st(1922), 2nd(1915), 2nd(1923), 3rd(1916), 6th(1924), 8th(1921)

WCHL Points – 2nd(1925)
WCHL Goals – 1st(1925)

NHL Points – 13th(1927), 13th(1928)
NHL Goals – 12th(1928), 18th(1927)
NHL Assists – 8th(1927)

“He dazzled west coast audiences with his trademark blazing speed and unparalleled agility.” – Greatest Hockey Legends
“...Although he rivaled the great Cyclone Taylor as the best in the West, He has for some reason drifted into obscurity.” – Ultimate Hockey
“He was perhaps the greatest center we ever had on the coast; an equal favorite with Fred (Cyclone) Taylor in the mind of the masses. I always held to the theory that Taylor was the best all-rounder, but many differed.” – Undrafted Player
“An offensive genius, he was a clean and gentlemanly player and a fine defensive forward who was often asked to play rover so he could poke-check opposing rushers to frustration.” – Ultimate Hockey
“He was a great crowd pleaser. He was clean, splendidly courageous, a happy player with a stylish way of going. He was sensational in making quick breakaways. He was a sure shot alone with the goalie. He could handle his stick and was almost as good a hook-check as Frank Nighbor. He was one of those who helped make pro hockey a great game. He was outstanding in every way” – Undrafted Player
"...Superstar rover Mickey Mackay put in his usual fabulous effort, his hook-checks very much in evidence. Mackay was a marked man throughout the contest..." - Utimate Hockey
“He was a master at handling the wood and rubber. Some say he was the single biggest hockey influence on the great Frank Nighbor. He was also a very effective poke-checker.” – Ultimate Hockey
“A marvelous skater and goal scorer, he was blessed with instinct and timing on the ice that was matched by few contemporaries. A star rover and center in a number of leagues during his career, he was particularly successful in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association, where his offensive heroics made him one of the Vancouver Millionaires' most popular stars.” – Legends of Hockey
"Seattle won the game 5-2, after Vancouver's top forward line combo -- minus MacKay, of course -- was "bungled miserably rush after rush."....The Mackay-less Vancouver squad was wiped out by the Metropolitans in a two-game, total-goals playoff series..." -- Ultimate Hockey
"A gifted scorer, MacKay led the PCHA in goals three times, assists twice, and was the league's all-time leading scorer upon its demise. Lester Patrick called him the greatest centre to ever play in the coast league; he was named to the PCHA or WCHL first team all-star on seven occasions, and to the second team three times. MacKay won the Stanley Cup twice during his career: first with the Millionaires in 1915 and later with the Bruins in 1929. He is honoured by the British Columbia Hockey Hall of Fame, and in 1952, was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame." -- Wikipedia

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