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02-15-2013, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Dave is a killer View Post
Think this through financial-wise from the BOG's perspective ... do we want to pillage Seattle OR do we want to pillage Toronto & QC ... hhhmmm ... no brainer answer in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
I have been thinking this through for a year, now, and i keep coming to the same conclusion:

1) The league has 3 teams for sale (that's if they really are expanding, and I hope they don't - the whole league is not stable enough for that....). Anyway, 3 teams for sale. 2 expansion plus the Coyotes. The league owns them all.

2) Since the league owns them all, why is there is a difference in price for any of them?

3) Further, there are only 3 markets right now with any hope of being ready for a team in the next 5 years - SEA, QC and TOR2 (Although I have lots of hope for Markham, but there is a long way to go there. And, Hamilton seems to get lots of noise on this board, but I am not aware of a push in the city itself.)

4) 3 teams. 3 markets. Each market has a value. The league owns all 3 teams.

Conclusion: There is no windfall in expansion fees. If the league does sell 2 expansion teams, they won't make any more off them than off of selling the Yotes.

Can someone explain why I am wrong? I keep asking this, and no one ever answers. It seems like we all just assume that "EXPANSION = BIG BUCKS for the league."

Help me out here.

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