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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Probert lost enough to make some people question if he should be number 1 all time but wow whenever he lost he would absolutely kill the guy the next fight. I dont think he lost a fight and didnt kill the guy next time. Domi fought him to a draw, pulled out his belt antics and got absolutely thumped for it
Your right he did lose, but after reading everyone posts and their opinions on who is the toughest guy of all time (Domi, Dave Brown, Mcsorly, Semenko, etc) i know probert has beat them bad. In my opinion i think probert is the best, but i am also biased because i grew up watching the wings because my dad was a fan. In a devils advocate role i honestly think it is way to hard to say anyone is the toughest fighter ever just because there is so many tough guys in different eras and they all had different fighting styles. For example in the 70's and 80's and early 90's fighters did not train to fight, they played hockey but happened to be the biggest and strongest guys on the team so they protected their teammates. In the days of Larouqe, Brashear and fighters now, they are just guys who are their to fight. They can not play hockey at all and their off season consists of fighting mma and taking boxing lessons rather then playing hockey. Thats why if you havnt noticed sometimes heavyweight fights in todays game can be borderline boring, because now fighting has become so technical where as before they just threw for the fences.

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