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02-15-2013, 08:43 AM
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after a couple years getting his skates under him Willy looks like he's ready to be a steady top 6. Smith is in his 2nd year, showing flashes, and certainly has shown the capability to be top 6. Erat - in spite of a couple abysmal games this week - clearly is. Leggy or Fish is a serviceable 2nd line center. Horny - I like as 3rd line guy but he's a 25-30 goal scorer so that's kinda' a top 6.

in this crapshoot season, with Blum/Ellis/Josi getting settled in on D, WHY would you make a deal? I get it longer-term - needing a scorer - but this doesn't seem to be the team to do it with, cause all those kids are still going thru growing pains and as everyone has mentioned, we aren't gonna' get it done with SK74 and Bork as our 2nd line wings and Leggy and Fish as our first 2Cs; and you'd have to be enjoying a pretty high volume of adult beverages to think we could add the kinda' guys (plural) we need to that group, considering the talent you'd be giving away in a deal, and be significantly better. Off-season signing or dealn then when you got better idea of what the kids are really worth and peeps have had a chance to see them over the season makes more sense to me.

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