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02-15-2013, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
I agree. And i can admit i was wrong if others can. I think what this game showed is that this team has bigger problems than can be fixed by one player.

On top of that, one of the huge issues i had is how much ice time boyle got last night. It seems that Torts doesn't know how to utilize him properly which is probably the reason for his undue hate.

Again, boyle isn't meant to bring offense and playing him with Gabby, even though he had a good game, was a mistake. Boyle shouldn't see anything more than the 4th line with Halpern and Powe. i still advocate sitting asham for him, because i think he brings a lot more to the team but the top 3 lines need to be left alone.

We couldn't produce offense for more than like 10 minutes last night, against a bottom feeder isles team. Boyle proved he can bring a lot, but he was so overused last night it was making me sick.

The only way i'd ever be OK with giving him that much time, is if we are in the lead and he is there to help protect it OR if torts decides to give Richards a one game benching to kick him in the ass. Without kicks in the ass benchings the lines, i think, should be something like this.

We had offense for more than 10 minutes. We had more time where we created offense than the Isles, just that the bad stretch was unfathomably bad.

I'll surprise you by defending Torts here. Boyle was one of our best forwards yesterday and Richards was benched. He had to do SOMETHING during, nothing was working. The entire team looked completely inept. He was one of the best forwards.

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