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02-15-2013, 09:29 AM
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Back to being strictly on topic.

1) I think the likely thing is a playing schedule like was offered a year ago in December, with playoffs being 1-8 in the East and in the West (Move QC to the East I think is most likely, but if that doesn't happen, then Columbus...)

However, there is a slight variation that MoreOrr will like on one level and hate on another. It goes like this:

2 15 team conferences. Each with an 8-team and a 7-team division. The playoffs will be Top 8. Now, MO doesn't like having lots of games against teams with whom you are not contending for the Playoffs (the current matrix is great for that...). So, start with a home and home versus everyone. Now, modify it: Remove 1 game from one division in the opposite conference, and add it to the other division in your own conference. You would get, for example:

PAC teams: 3 games vs CENT, 2 games vs EAST, 1 game vs ATL. The rest against their own division - the Pacific.

That makes either 59 or 60 games every year against those you are competing with for playoff spots. It also makes it so that 57 - 59 games on your schedule are the same as everyone else in the conference (Measured by opponent).

Of course, MO will hate that this matrix has odd numbers of games against lots of teams.

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