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02-15-2013, 10:37 AM
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Overeem is a steroid monkey with a bloated attitude, as far as I am concerned once you do roids you suck forever.

Bigfoot is one of the few humans who looks like he is naturally supposed to be that big. I cant stand puffed up roid users, and i couldnt care less if they get caught and test clean, once you are a steroid junkie you are always a steroid junkie, it is what it is.

Overeem is getting what he deserves some of these roid monkeys wouldnt have even gotten a shot at major MMA contracts without the roids helping them beat truer clean competitors at smaller shows.

Bigfoots hand speed and punching was terrific for a naturally big man, he was a predator once he smelled blood, that is what I pay to see, not some puff daddy trying to tell me he is clean now.

Overeem didnt underestimate Bigfoot , he overestimated himself because of his roid slumming. I was a sports competitor and I worked out in the gym in high school with a few guys who went right into pro football, one was named Palmer{he was clean}, and to tell you the truth roids work wonderfully if you work your butt off, its not as simple as sticking a needle in or taking a pill, you still need to do pro level workouts and be committed, it is just straight up cheating like anywhere else and should result in minimum two year complete bans first offense and career bans second offense. The edge that the guys got that I worked out with was medium,not overwhelming because when I was maxed out I was 75% of what they could do with roids. 25% increase is ot overwhelming and can be nullified in most sports with technique, so a champion will typiclly overcome the disadvantage and kick the snot out of a roid user. It will just take longer. The real sad thing is the fact that these ********* get OPPORTUNITYS before clean athletes , they usually lose to a real clean champ in the end but they ruin so many guys opportunitys on the way up that it is a tradgedy, I would refuse to fight roid monkeys if my health was on the line, I would risk 100% of my body and soul in a fair fight , but not once would I give roid junkies the chance to taste what I have cooking.

So you see guys like Overeem and any other roid user suck, period, even if they stop using they are in positions they never fairly earned, positions of opportunity that belong to other , better men.

It is nice to see them smashed but it would be fair to not see them at all for 2 years, and on repaet never again.

If I recall Bigfoot was on the ball and it wasnt the first punch that did the terminal damage, it was the tree standing there with his brain telling him he was superman and his brain cells getting scrambled big time, really it is sad to see guys put in this much danger when a superior striker has them at their mercy and their brains just wont shut down, the punishment they take to their brains is beyond human and even if the roids help their bodies handle this incredible trauma the roids cannot help their brains which do not bulk up within their skulls. A good lawyer would sue the organisations for millions based on their unwillingness to police their own sport properly and for putting athletes with a history of roid abuse back inside the octagon to soon accomodating the level of damage they recieve when the big light wont shut off when it is supposed to.

I love MMA but hate cheaters.

I believe that anyone caught doing roids should be banned for 2 yrs with a loss of pro wins and then life and again have all of their past wins deleted from their pro records and all championships also deleted permanently from the record books, this is the only way to stop the abuse.

Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson the list is very long but the reality is that when you cheat you risk not just the competition you cheat in but you risk your professional legacy and future income potential forever.

Dana White tip toes around the issue relentlessly. he fencesits because he knows the state of affairs within his sport overall, and is as nervous as hell.

Athletes have tried to change things, Big Country outed Shane Carwin on National television to piss off Dana White who knew darn well Carwin was a roid monkey. Dana White can take a hike, I like Big Country and would rather watch him roll around on the ground and pummel people then watch some roid cheater trying to impersonate a fighter, for gods sakes of all sports in the world fighting is the one that gives fans the least bang for the steroid buck because clean fighters are ten times more exciting and competative to watch and Dana know it.

Big Countrys tactics are perfectly acceptable and natural for a big huge man guys his size dont have many tactical options, Dana White tries to cut down BC because he knows perfectly well that god doesnt make huge men who are athletic and coordinated very often and he has seats to fill and money to make so he endorses big roid ****** who will put on a show for him taking inhuman amounts of punishment in the process. I think BC is an awsome athlete and has lightening fast hands and excellent footwork and because he is clean other than a high cholesterol count I appreciate his efforts and sucess even more.

Roids ruined boxing and now White is watching them begin to undermine MMA and as an influential player within the sport itself he must be held accountable. Instead of helping clean up the sport and trying to build his own legacy based on integrity he is so vain he already thinks he has done enough as a pioneer of the spots explosive growth to be teflon. He stands there and publicly spouts off against fighters who are trying to clean up the sport, that sucks Dana. Your sport escaped the cocaine scandals that ruined many careers but somehow I think Karma is coming for your arse with the roids issue. MMA is due for a market correction and pubicity is the catalyst of that, just one or two viral rants and the cascade will begin.

I love MMA and would like to see Dana White remain a leader in the sports evolution globally, but it seems to me that boxing and its very long and ugly fall from grace hasnt taught professional pugalists anything at all about properly evolving and managing their sport it seems.

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