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02-15-2013, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
tell us what should KHL do? Yes, local government or russian companies support clubs and will do that. But what to do? pay less money to players? RESULT: exodus of top players, no foreigners. No chance to keep Kuznetsov, Tarasenko until their 22

2. to share revenue from broadcasting rights? Will happen soon, dont worry.

Btw, how do you want to earn/increase money from tv deals if you dont have top players? Is anybody outside Sweden interested in Elitserien? Not.

3.Clubs/regions have been investing into arenas, building new one. Huge lost of money. You know, good tv product needs modern arenas, so you have to invest.

4.Imagine there is not KHL TV. How do you want to sell the product? KHL have spent a lot of money to develop KHL TV. Waste of money?

Tell us, what should KHL do? I have no idea. As I know KHL has been in phase 1 - investing and developing the product. Therefore losing money. Nobody knows what will be after 20 years, but we know for sure this (as example): Torpedo will have new arena for 15 000, there is a chance to triple revenues from ticketing (now they have arena for 5 600). Do you think that this extra money will not help Torpedo?

And now imagine better international calendar (WHC in february, no EHT). That means cca 70 games in regular season instead of 52 (btw, KHL had 56 games in RS in past, why not now?). So more home games, more money.

If I remember Slovan´s average ticket (after auction saga) was around 20 euro. Tickets for QF (pack of 2 or 3 home games) is € 49 and more (dont count fanclub - € 30). It is only for holders of season tickets, the rest must buy singel ticket at auction.

now math..lets say single ticket in RS costs 20 euro, in play-off 30 euro.

20x26 (home games in regular season)x10 055 (sold out)=5 228 600
30x2 (home games in play-off)x10 055 (sold out)=603 300

Right? Correct me if wrong. So it is almost 6 mil euro from ticketing for Slovan this season (+/-). Budget was declared at 10 mil. euro. If Slovan makes 2nd round of PO, ticketing will be 6,5-7 mil euro. Not so bad. Plus prize money for making 2nd round. Imagine money from KHL for tv rights (1 mil euro?? more? less?). Merchendising (no idea)?

I hope my math is right, it is too late here.
Your reference to new arenas reminded me of another source of revenue to mitigate the cost of financial losses during the season. When a KHL owner invests in building a new arena, or remodeling and modernizing an existing one, they usually retain all or at least a percentage of the ownership of the building (the same around the World). So that means that revenues derived from things like rock concerts or other exhibitions that are distinct from hockey operations flow to the owner. When you think about it, there are other ways that KHL owners can solidify their stance in addition to ticket and merchandizing revenues.

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