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02-15-2013, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
Your reference to new arenas reminded me of another source of revenue to mitigate the cost of financial losses during the season. When a KHL owner invests in building a new arena, or remodeling and modernizing an existing one, they usually retain all or at least a percentage of the ownership of the building (the same around the World). So that means that revenues derived from things like rock concerts or other exhibitions that are distinct from hockey operations flow to the owner. When you think about it, there are other ways that KHL owners can solidify their stance in addition to ticket and merchandizing revenues.
I am not so sure about it. How does it work in Russia? As I know, Arena Omsk is owned or co-owned now by Avangard Omsk (Abramovich was previous owner or co-owner. I am not sure). All new arenas under construction are funded by local government, maybe clubs will have some share here. I am sure, clubs wont have 100%. Of course, change can come like in case of Arena Omsk. Slovan Bratislava is not owner of Slovnaft Arena as well. Another situation can be in Donetsk, club will buy its own arena.

IMO KHL leadership wants clubs to be owners of arenas. Why? Because of schedulling. Now clubs have problem because hockey is not no.1 priority in all arenas. Listen to Shalaev videa about schedulling. KHL has XY days to play hockey (the rest are NT breaks) and some clubs can not play home games during ALL of this XY days because of concerts/exhibitions. As I remember leader is SKA with above 20 days when they can not play at home during this regular season. Imagine, we have 6 moths of regulars season (sept-feb), approximatelly 20 days are free days (NT breaks), almost one free week around Silvester. So, regular season can be played during 5 months and SKA is not able to play home matches above 20 days of those 5 months. Yeap, I would not want to be a person who makes KHL´s calendar.

The Norwegian team gave the Russians their toughest opposition in the 2012 WC. I totally agree that it would be a big impetus to Sweden entering a team in the league, which in turn would no doubt prompt entry of a Finnish team right behind.
domino effect

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