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02-15-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Kamus View Post
Sorry but Overeem didn't do very much in the first two rounds and certaintly didn't make Silva look like an amateur.

Overeem was the most overrated fighter in the world before last fight, if you have watched him over his career you would see he's very inconsistent he can look unbeatable in one fight and like crap in the next. A big reason for this is he has a bad chin and can't take a shot.

Combine a weak chin with a total diregard for the oponent and this is what happens.

Also word is the Blackzillians camp is a joke with no real training happening. Overeem had his best success when he was trained by people who knew his weaknesses and had him fight a consevative style to hide his weak chin.
yeah he has a really weak chin, thats how he ate 6 bombs from a 280lb bigfoot before he went down. the only 2 people to KO him standing before that was Chuck liddell (reem was clearly gassed)and Sergei Kharitonov (huge HW with great power). Shogun KO'd him twice both times with hammerfists on the ground, and that is hardly a slight on anyones chin as shoguns hammerfist knockout list is plentyful.

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