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02-15-2013, 10:29 AM
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Part of the problem is that A level guys forget it's only a rec league. If you want competitive play, join a competitive league, plain and simple. If it's a mixed level league, take it easy, have some fun just playing a game you love and help out the lower level guys.

I've seen higher level guys in pick-up games forget this. A lot of the time the lower level players (including me as a beginner) just leave the ice early because the better player(s) is/are hogging the puck and are constantly trying to deke the whole other team. The worse thing is they don't use their teammates and it gets really dull really fast.

It's as much about attitude and mindset as it is about skill level. In a couple beginner games I've played, I was head and shoulders above the beginners that couldn't skate, simply because I could skate. In those games, I think to myself, we're here to play a game that is supposed to be fun and isn't too competitive, so I consciously choose not to use my extra gears against them.

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