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02-15-2013, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by ganave View Post
As someone who can't even really skate on player skates I'd say go for it. I had no desire to play outside of the net and I've enjoyed it so far. Before March of last year I had no proper ice-skating training (I can ski fairly well on the icy deathtraps in New Hampshire though) and I'm just barely able to play in a novice league. Although I'm working hard to improve my game.

The hardest part is the money for a goalie... I was lucky with my gear and it still ran over a grand. You'll want a new helmet and a new goalie jock, everything else you can get used. Honestly the toughest test was after I pieced together all of the gear and got in the net for the first time. Then you find out if you're willing to get in front of everything. As I improve I'm sure I'll get hit less in the kidneys, but I've laid by back to the shooter on a crappy rebound to make a save. If I was puck-shy after all that work I'd be pretty bummed.
So did you join a league and just say you wanted to be the goalie? Is that basically how it works?

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