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02-15-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Latgale_fan View Post
Though recently in 4 nations U18 tournament Bukarts really outperformed Ehlers, also considering that both teams were of about equal strength. Then again maybe Latvia was more front loaded with THE TOP line and ''the others'' while your team was more equal.

Bukarts 3 games (3+4) 7 points
Ehlers 3 games (1+1) 2 points

Egle wasn't there, so hard to compare with another 1996 born, but Bukarts isn't that much older than Ehlers, less than 2 months...

But that again stresses that you can look at stats all you want but at this age it is pretty hard to yet see how players will develop. As concerns club hockey Ehlers has already played a few games in Swiss NLA and has scored a goal and is only 1996 born and looks phenomenal. But we will see how it develops. Though you, Danes, have been consistent during the last few years in producing great talent and 1995 seems is a good year for you (and judging by recent results not that bad for us too). Bad that this year we'll not compete with each other, though Bukarts (and maybe Egle) and (maybe Ehlers) and Bjorkstrand and all the 94s will meet or U20 next year side by side, some good talent from comparable level teams so then we will be able to compare further
Yeah hopefully Denmark can win the division 1a at next years U20
,and still have both Bjørkstrand and Ehlers for 2015 in the elite division! But look forward to see our clashes...whenever they come.
Again Denmark has good 2-way forwards but really problematic defence and goalkeeping. One light in the goalie department is this Herning kid George Sørensen (1995) - only played 12 matches this season, but what a SVS% !!

Of other 1995'ers besides Bjørkstrand (maybe depthwise our best year since 1989) is Rødovre kids Matthias Asperup
Best player at our mutual U18 tournament recently, but he is probably to small (yet) for an NHL team to draft him?!

and Mads Eller (Lars Eller's little brother).
[Mads Eller stats looks like nothing, but he should be quite good defensively - maybe he can ride on the "danish 2-way forward for 3'rd line reputation" and also get drafteed next year]

So that will probably be what you can expect for the next two years.
Maybe we finally hide some d-prospects but it's so hard to say at this point.
But Jeppe Vinther is the youngest player in the danish league (1996).

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