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02-15-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Miller hasn't mastered anything in the AHL yet. How can you say something ridiculous like this Bern?

Both him and Kreider both need more seasoning imo.

They need the opposite type of seasoning too. JT needs to work on this conditioning, and strength. Kreider needs to focus on the X's and O's. But they both need more time.

Having a player in the AHL is ideal when they are missing key components in their game. There are much better players in the AHL right now than both Kreider and Miller. They should both be playing 20 minutes a night, fine-tuning their game.

We're not a rebuilding team where we can afford to have players in the line-up that have some voids.
Who would you suggest replace them? I'd rather have a player or two who can actually impact a game and that have a couple of (relatively minor) holes in their games on my third line than simply plugging it with slugs who won't make as many mental mistakes, but can't impact the game much. At least the guys who get chances while giving a few up can tighten up their defensive games; the slugs aren't ever going to get better offensively.

Also, I would argue that the best contending teams (in any sport), those that figure out a way to contend year after year, do so by breaking in kids gradually on the big league roster and limiting their PT; they do NOT require them to become final, polished products at the next level down before promoting them.

Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
You have to be confident that Hartford's going to prepare these guys for the NHL. Look at our drafting history - look at the success rate of our homegrown players developing into everday NHL players.
Except that I'm not. Yes, we have great success with the players that we draft... and then keep away from HFD (i.e. play in Europe, college, anywhere other than under KG's tutelage). I don't want any prospect with a modicum of offensive skill anywhere near Kenny "I was a borderline 3rd liner and I'll make you become one too if it kills me" Gernander.

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