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02-15-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post

I suspect what you would really like (and, I don't think it will ever fly....) is:

2 16 team conferences in 2 8-team divisions:

4 x 15 in your own conference = 60

Leaves 22 or 24 games (24 works perfect here, but it could be tweaked a little)

Opposite conference:
2 x 8 = 16
1 x 8 = 8

If you want 22, just cut the 16 to 14 and do a little more rotating.

But it won't fly unless there is some way to get half of the league or more to be out of the ETZ. Right now, that doesn't seem to be in the cards....

Now, what if there were only 30 teams??

4 x 14 = 56
2 x 15 = 30

That's too many games by 4. So, cut that down to:
2 x 10 = 20 +
1 x 5 = 5 using some geographical grouping that stays constant (like a remnant of the current divisions - it doesn't matter, really)
And then add 1 game back among those teams. This takes 15 years to even out, but in no case would any one be more than one game off.
That's it, MNN, that's the 3rd matrix that I described in my post that you quoted.

Now my question is: You said that you don't think such a format will fly. Fine, but then which of the other 3 matrices do you think will be most likely? And if it is the 4th one, then how can the League avoid having a 4-Conference setup? In your recent posts, you seem to be also leaning towards the likelihood that it'll be 4-Divisions rather than Conferences (or am I confusing you with another poster).

Or is there some other possible matrix (with a 32-team League) and not with a majority of the games outside the Conference (whether the Conferences are 2 or 4), and not with an odd number of games against Conference opponents, that I didn't think of and that you can show me?

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