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Originally Posted by kypredsfan View Post
On another note, I'm getting kinda frustrated because no one is answering any phones down at 501 broadway. My rep won't answer, my cousin's rep won't answer, the general 770-puck won't answer. Getting pissed. I'm wanting 2 nice expensive seats for tomorrow night and they won't answer the damn phones!
Could be because there selling 4 seats 4 rinks and 4 hotdogs for 124 bucks..

WHy do sellouts actually matter. I have no idea how long you have been following the team but there are many iof use that have struggled through the building of the fanbase. The first couple of years attendance was great then it wained and we almost lost the team. This is not the NFL where a team moves every 20 years, And those that are niave enough to think it can not happen ask the folks from the Thrashers that now support our team... Some of those people have endured losing a team twice. So your damn right I feel like I can *****. And if anyone who thinks the good times can't change fast just look at the history, For years you had a hard time to get Vol's or Titian tickets, heck even NASCA tickets at Bristol had a 5 year waiting period for season tickets, But now if you have the money and the interest you can catch any of those events. It is short sighted and a little arrogant to think it can't happen to a hockey team in a small market with a history of attendance problems. But the again there is a segment of folks that just are oblivious and enjoy the moment and if things change they find another hobby. We call those bandwagon fans.

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