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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post

O that was the quietest rena I have experienced here since like 2002. But it is great to see the number of 20 somethings that are going to the games. That says alot about building the fanbase. Also the sellout was another paper sellout I counted 41 empty seats in 320 alone and section 107 row J had 19 empty seats I noticwe that since my season thickets were the for a few of the early years. If I were to guess there were about 15,500 actual warm bodies there. So whoever blasted me after the last game for not being there and commenting on the empty seats ok. I was there and once again I comment on the empty seats.
I donít know why you continue to harp on this- do you think this is unique to the Predators?? This happens in EVERY arena in sports- other than finals, championship games, etc, there are always some empty seats in sold out arenas/stadiums. With the resale market the way it is (Stubhub, etc) it is always going to be that way. Just pick out an arena that is always sold out, then go to stubhub and see how many tickets are available.

The tickets are sold- teams have no control over whether every single seat has a body in it. I watched the Detroit/St Louis game on Wednesday- they announced attendance was 20,600- but if you watched the game, there were a good bit of empty seats in primo locations- again, the seats are sold- nothing the Red Wings can do about someone reselling their ticket or not showing up.

If you want to complain and be negative about the offense, that is valid. But if there is one thing about the Preds right now that is going great, it is the fan support/attendance that is going on right now- itís amazing. You are just looking for something to complain about if you continue to post negative stuff about attendance.

And that was the quietest crowd since 2002? Really? I wasn't there (I am in Birmingham and can't make weeknight games)- but I would like anyone else who goes to every game to comment on this- that would be pretty incredible if true

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