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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
That's it, MNN, that's the 3rd matrix that I described in my post that you quoted.

Now my question is: You said that you don't think such a format will fly. Fine, but then which of the other 3 matrices do you think will be most likely? And if it is the 4th one, then how can the League avoid having a 4-Conference setup? In your recent posts, you seem to be also leaning towards the likelihood that it'll be 4-Divisions rather than Conferences (or am I confusing you with another poster).

Or is there some other possible matrix (with a 32-team League) and not with a majority of the games outside the Conference (whether the Conferences are 2 or 4), and not with an odd number of games against Conference opponents, that I didn't think of and that you can show me?
You are right. I am leaning toward a 4-division, 2-conference format, simply because:
1) The players want equal teams in each group who is competing for playoff spots, so the 7 and 8 thing won't work with them. They have the right to reasonably withhold acceptance of changes, and that's reasonable, so....
2) The teams in the CTZ, MTZ, and PTZ all would prefer 4 groups rather than 6.

Now, the scheduling matrix is a bigger problem, because I think that the following will happen:
1) PHX goes to QUE.
2) No expansion. Now, many here disagree with me on that. I still think it is not time yet for that.....
3) That means a 7/8/7/8 situation, with 2 ETZ teams in the Central Division of the Western Conference.

My guess is the 2 ETZ teams won't want to play a 4 x 14 arrangement, because they want to avoid the PTZ as much as possible.

So, while I don't think it's best for fairness, I think the likely thing is:
Home/home versus everyone in the League.
Other games filled in your own division.

In other words, I think the likely playing matrix is exactly the December proposal, but the playoffs will be 1-8 in the East and West.

Now, you and I would disagree with that, maybe. We might say, "Wait a minute. You are competing with 14 teams for playoff spots, and playing some of them 6 times, and some of them twice. That's nuts!!!" And, in one way, we would be right.

But, I think that the fine points of any other arrangement for a 30 team league are too numerous:

Like my 4 x 14, 2 x 11, 1 x 4 matrix. It's too complicated to explain the 11/4 split.
Or, my 3 x 7/8, 2 x 7/8, 1 x 7/8. Too complicated.
And, division crossovers. Too complicated.

So, I think it will end up a straight 1 - 8 in both east and west. Even though the west especially could retain 3 or 4 intradivisional first round matchups in most cases. (I would never mandate 1a v 6a, 2a v 5a, 3a v 4a, 1b v 2b if the top 8 came out that way). That's too complicated, too.

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