Thread: Confirmed with Link: Manny Malhotra out for the season (on IR)
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02-15-2013, 11:23 AM
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How it probably went down:

Several months after injury

Gillis: So like, your eye... you solid, homie?

Malhotra: It's good now, dawg. I got this issue locked down like a maximum penitentiary.

Gillis: Aight, team needs you for the finals. Go get some!


Gillis: What happened out there, M-unit?

Malhotra: Just felt too rushed, dig? With a whole offseason, I got this on lock down again.

Gillis: Tight, yo.

Somewhere halfway through 2011/12 season

Gillis: Yo, homie, what's the deal? Why you crampin' my style? I feel the heat up in here.

Malhotra: Dawg, ain't you hear? This ****'s mad whack, yo. I need more time's, all.

End of season

Gillis: You're done, home skillet. Ain't nothin' left for you here but the sad blues, and I ain't talkin about no team out in Saint Lou, neither.

Malhotra: I feel you, dawg, I feel you. But... but I got's character, yo. Gimme one more chance!

Gillis: Aight. You get a few more games next year, yo, but you better impress, dig?

Malhotra: Word.

After 10 games in 2012/13 season

Gillis: You ain't got it, home slice. Sad to say but I'ma have to cut you loose.

Malhotra: But... Just more one chance, dawg! For old times sake. Brothers helpin' brothers out, yo!

Gillis: Naw, yo. You've used up all your Lindsay Lohans. Time to split, homie.

Malhotra: But... but... Character!

Gillis: Aight, aight. Since I got nothin' but love for ya, brother, I'ma give you somethin' up with the rest of the top homies in suits. Feel me?

Malhotra: Tight. Yo, where you off to?"

Gillis: I have to return some videotapes.

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