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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
1st part: Sorry, but that is absolutely ridiculous.

2nd part: "Advanced stats" in hockey are arbitrary imo. Hockey is a free flowing sport with too many players and variables involved in every play to accurately use "Sabre-stats". So, yes, I trust my judgement and knowledge of the sport over any spreadsheet. Especially one that apparently tells me that PK Subban is better than OEL. That right there completely invalidates those stats to me.

You want stats that I care about?
OEL at 20 years old(PK was in AHL at this age): ATOI 22:07, Coyotes Pacific division champions.
This year at 21 years old: ATOI 24:47, 2nd on his team in points.

Anyways, I'm done here. I don't care enough to continue fighting this fight. I only hope PK continues getting better, as he should, and helps this team reach the next level.
You're not making any sense.
Stats are factual, your opinion isn't. That's the whole point of it being subjective.
You are simply stubborn. You see one thing, and refuse to believe the evidence that proves you're wrong. Why? I'm not sure, especially considering you look at other stats.
You nit pick the stats. You look at the ones that favor your opinion, and disregard the many more that disfavors it.

You're not being honest. You have already agreed that your analysis is nothing more than one of a simple fan. A fan that don't even watch the player live so you only see them when they either have the puck or are surrounded by it. A lot of hockey sense plays are made before the camera moves in on a player, yet you call out PK for lacking some.
You can look at Will Smith and argue that he's 35, but yet his birth certificate puts him at 44. Point of this is eyes can be deceiving, especially when it comes to judging a hockey player. It's not because your eyes are telling you OEL (in the few games you've seen him play) is better than PK, that he actually is. Definitely not when you have solid stats opposing that thought.

OEL is ahead of PK at the same age. No denying that. In no way does that mean he's better, especially when other stats are proving the opposite. Maybe this year, he will be. Maybe next year it'll be PK. Maybe down the line, they will be exactly as efficient and it will solely be a matter of preference in style. But as of last year, OEL was not better.

TOI is relative to the team you play on as the coach is the one that will determine it. PK averages less ice time than Gorges, Emelin and Diaz. Are you going to argue they're better? PK should be our most used Dman. He proved capable of handling top opposition two years back to back. Markov is the one that we should be careful with in terms of minutes. You want him rested come POs. PK is a workhorse, he can handle more time.
Pairs should be completely changed to where players are more comfortable.

PK-Emelin (I suspect Emelin's ''struggles'' are related to him being on the right. He often battles the puck because of it and is out of position. This gives him the change to play on his natural side)

Markov-Gorges (Could either be used as a top pair or 2nd one. Gorges has always played well on the right. We should use him there instead of Emelin)

Bouillon-Diaz (What should be our 3rd pairing, that can also log in pretty good minutes if need be)

As for points, PK has 2 points less than OEL with half the games played. You should have looked at that first.

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