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02-15-2013, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by jojacinto2 View Post
Explain, in detail please, how he didn't intend to do it. I think I might need a new pair of glasses,.....I could have sworn I saw him raise his leg up, and then step it down on the top of his ankle. I must be missing something here.
1. Looking the opposite way when he "raises" his foot. Every single video shows this (Dont bother showing me that still picture of Cooke looking at the puck AFTER Karlsson was hurt)

2. His foot was in the air because Karlsson knocked him off balance. Here's a challenge for you: Stand on one foot and have a friend push you, your other foot will come down for balance EVERY time exactly like Cooke's did.

3. He went to pin Karlsson into the boards, a play that happens 50 times a game, and is a play taught to hockey players from the very start.

Any thing else?

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