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Originally Posted by wildthing202 View Post
Sorry for going OT.

Conspiracy? Are we really going this route? The NHL does a lottery for top 5 right?

2002 - Columbus worst record, drafts 1st, Pens t-3rd worst, drafts 5th
2003 - Pens 2nd worst, drafts 1st, Columbus 3rd worst, drafts 4th
2004 - Pens worst record, drafts 2nd, Columbus 4th, drafts 4th(traded the pick)
2005 - Pens 3 balls, drafts 1st, Blue Jackets 3 balls, drafts 6th
2010 - Oilers worst record, drafts 1st, Columbus 4th, drafts 4th
2011 - Oilers worst, drafts 1st, Columbus outside bottom 5
2012 - Columbus worst, drafts 2nd, Oilers 2nd, draft 1st.

So basically the conspriacy comes down to a lottery in 2005 in which both teams had an equal chance and an Oilers team who just happened to win the lottery in 2012.

Back on topic, I wouldn't mind seeing Seattle get a team but you just can't rush it. Let the honeymoon end with the Sonics first(2-3 years) then get a team up there.
Not saying I agree with a "conspiracy" but the assumption that the lottery occurs is the conspiracy and it was pretty believable after the Crosby lottery.

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