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02-15-2013, 01:13 PM
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wanted him over Penner this offseason and would take him in the upcoming offseason as well.

just because we won the cup doesn't mean our scoring woes were magically cured. Guys like Williams, Richards, and even Kopi are more playmakers than natural goal scorers. Brown is like a big bowling ball that just barrels his way to some goals like a Milan Lucic. Penner is useless. Gagne way past his prime The only real "sniper" we have if Jeff Carter.

Kings are still struggling to finish and put the puck in the net. They also lack some speed on the wing. Semin is one of the best at putting the puck in the net and would add some speed to the offense like Carter did last year. Excellent wrist shot - one of the best in the league - as well as hands that can dangle and solid speed. His typical Russian laziness/no defense/softness has been definitely been overrated. Some of it's true but it's not as bad as people say.

Semin has the potential to be a 30-40 goal scorer just like Carter. His 21 goals last year I basically disregard because of the system Hunter had them playing, everyone's stats were way down. His 82 game projected totals from the four seasons prior were 33 goals, 44 goals, 44 goals, 35 goals. In a league where it's hard to find consistent elite goal scoring, Semin provides you that.

It's just like last year with Jeff Carter - Flyers fans calling him soft, quitter, overrated and BJ's fans saying he was a whining baby who didn't play hard for them and didn't want to be there. I still wanted him. All that garbage is so overrated like the dry island crap with the Flyers and Richards and Carter.

You don't think Philly was looking at the Kings last season saying damn maybe that should have been us? Philly definitely got good returns in those deals but they were a little too young last year to make a deeper run with Schenn, Voracek, and Couturier in my opinion. I think if they still had Richards and Carter (firmly in their prime at this point), they probably beat the Devils and give the Rangers a run for their money in the ECF. They're set up well for the future but it's still something to think about.

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