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02-15-2013, 12:25 PM
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IF the 4 conference thing happens with 30 teams. Here is how I see it:

You play the teams from the other 3 conference twice each. 46 games for teams in a 7-team conference. 44 games for teams in an 8-team conference.

7-team conferences. Teams play each other 6 times, for 36 games. Combined with the 46 non-conference games you get 82.

8-team conferences. Play each team 5 for a total of 35. With the 44 out of conference games, that gives you 79. Play 3 teams IN your conference an extra game. So you will play 3 teams 6 times and 4 teams 5. I know, I know that isnt fair if a team has to play the tough team an extra game and misses the play-offs by a point. TOO BAD. Rotate when teams play the extra game, base it on standings of the previous year, heck make it the last 3 games of the year and make them as TBD. Let 1st place play 2nd, 3rd play 4th and then mix it up a bit. 4th play 5th as the 2nd wild card game. Doubt they would ever do that and have TBD games, but it would shut everyone up about "fairness."

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