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02-15-2013, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
I'm glad you have such a clear idea of what would be good for the Avs and how their organization could be run better.

Or, you really don't know what you're talking about.

My votes for the latter, since you prove in almost every post you only follow the Pens and have no idea about any other team.

Your opinions are fine. You make some fair points and do know the needs of the Pens well enough. You just completely undervalue every other team and their players, and frequently overvalue the players on the Pens.

Why would the Avs trade Hejduk? Have they been having issues with him, ever? Unless the Avs want to completely rebuild, they would not trade him. And they don't need to rebuild. They have a lot of great young players.

You're right not many players are untouchable.

How's this, you want Hejduk? Despres, Pens 1st and possibly a 2nd this year. Would the Pens do that? Probably not. Especially since there are other decent top 6 forwards out there that could be had more easily.
What exactly did I say that was incorrect? The Avs are going no where this year? Do you honestly think they are going to make the play-offs without Landeskog; with Erik Johnson sidelined for a while; with ROR not signed and virtually no secondary scoring too boot. It's not a great recipe for success.

The could use picks to help their farm system? Fair statement. The farm system isn't loaded at all. Several outlets have Colorado's farm system in the bottom fourth of the league. Heck, HockeyFutures has it ranked 28th - only ahead of Winnipeg and Philadelphia. It is D prospect heavy (alot like Pittsburgh's), but there is a drop off after prospect five.

Is Hedjuk a core player in Colorado at the age of 37? Nope. Maybe Colorado would be open to dealing him like Calgary could be with iginla or Boston was with RayBourque. Sometimes franchises will ask a player like Hedjuk if he wants to stay for possibly some hard times on the horizon (Chris Phillips decided to stay in Ottawa), or wants to go to a place where he would have a chance to win another Cup (Ray bourque). He wouldn't be the first guy to do that. Trading a guy doesn't mean you have a problem with him.

So, I have a problem overrating a kid like Despres, who is playing top D pairing minutes with Letang; looks very solid; has displayed great skill and can envision him as a fixture to Pittsburgh for the years to come, but you take offense when I say you grossly overrate a former 30-goal scorer in San Jose that you want out of dodge quickly and you happen to be a team that can't score. If that isn't a red flag, I don't know what it is.

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