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02-15-2013, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
I do not support DD because he speaks french. I support because he hasn't shown a ceiling yet. Every year he starts struggling because he faces harder opposition, and every year he ups his game one notch higher to compete.

I never said DD should be ahead of Plek! If anything, long-term, DD should be an effective 3rd line D who helps our rookie wingers develop.

It's just that I feel selling DD right now would result in underpayment, while Eller seems to provoke interest. You sell what's hot (in the market) at the moment when you can afford it; it's good business practice.

Where DD keep pushing his game ever higher, Eller seemed to have hit walls in his development at multiple occasion. He's doing very well at the moment, and I hope he keeps proving himself time and again, possibly with higher and higher opposition, better and better wingers.
Not when the asset provoking interest has the tools to be exactly what your franchise is missing in a big center, rather than the other asset that fits less with your long-term need. Just selling what's hot isn't very smart. You sell what's hot if you don't plan to keep the asset around. And it would be dumb to keep a small center when we have a big center who's a better two-way player.

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