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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
You know, MNN, that 4th scheduling option truly doesn't make sense. So then, I'm still at a loss as to how a 4-Conference scheduling format, with 32 teams, could be structured to make sense.

32 teams:
I like
4 x 15 = 60
2 x 8 = 16
1 x 8 = 8
For 84. If you want 82, then in the 2 x 8, just leave out on game with 2 teams. You play that division mostly h/h every other year, so in 4 times or 8 years you are back to parity.

But, I am not sure whoever of the ETZ teams ends up in the West conference would really like that - too many games on the west coast.

For 30 teams (which I think is still likely - I am not sold on this "expansion is imminent" idea):
Fair to me would be:
4 x 14 = 56
2 x 11 = 22
1 x 4 = 4.
The 2s and the 1s are in the other conference. You rotate the single games. It takes a long time to come out even, but it does after awhile.

Now, numbers make sense to me. I understand this. So do you. But, trying to explain it all is a big problem. It doesn't quite have as neat a feel as "home and home with all the league, and the other games in your division." Adding to the complication is that there is no clear explanation as to why the Wild, for example, are playing Toronto, Buffalo, Carolina and Tampa only once this year.

That's what I mean by "too complicated." The 32 team setup is easier. Even if you do 82 games, the 2 odd single games there are from the same division, and it's easier explaining.

That's my thoughts anyway.

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