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02-15-2013, 12:46 PM
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Well that caused a ****storm. My opinions are mine and you have every right to attack tham as you wish. Im too old to have my opinion changes easily. And unlike most here I do make mistakes , I do understand that im just a novice viewer of the game having only wathced it for a little over 33 years.

They only thing I feel I may be wrong about from my post Is the Smith missing the shot. Im just now re watching the game and got thru the painful 1st period again. I will stand by what I saw it was a horribly missed shot by a Pred skater I know this by the color of yellow the player was wearing. I may post my retraction when I see who it was or I may not.

To be frank some of the posts about not being worried about attendenceare not suprising, so I will not bring it back up at this time but reserve the right at some point in the future to use the I told you so. Just as you will iof the Preds make it to the playoffs im sure many will take pleasure in telling me that. And to be truthful I would enjoy being told that. Im not anti team and like nothing better than to see them do well. Many of you have a different impression of what that is compaired to mine.

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