Thread: Speculation: Ray Shero at Min vs. Col
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02-15-2013, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Mancini79 View Post
You're deflecting (trying to anyway) I don't care about the players involved in this hypothetical proposal as much as you insulting another poster for their idea. Who do you think you are? You're not Cliff Clavin and the truth is you don't have a clue more than anyone else around here. Just bite your tongue and be civil or bite your tongue and get out.
This is an opinion based board. However, people open themselves up when ideas that are not even close to being equal value, or fill the needs of one team and that team has to give up more in the deal.
People in Pittsburgh and most places would understand that Kunitz to the Wild for Seto isn't a good deal for Pittsburgh. Sorry, you took offense to my tone.

Pittsburgh is looking for a top six forward. Why trade a top line forward to get a lesser one? It is counter productive for Pittsburgh. It's something very obvious. Pittsburgh would be looking to get another one if they did that and they would lose that deal too boot.

Yes, these are all hypothetical proposals. But maybe trying to put together one that makes sense for both teams based on needs and wants would create better discussion, not battles. Lopsided proposals without looking at the needs of teams usually do.

My apologies.

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