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02-15-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Der Jaeger View Post
Which rookie QB is ready to play in 2013? Barkley, probably. Jones or Nassib, maybe. Geno Smith, Glennon, and Bray needs at least a year to transition their game to the NFL. So unless you're determined to take Barkley, there's no other surefire guy that can start.

So, what do you do? Sign Jackson and compete him against your current starter. If you draft a rookie high (round 1-2) then what are you really losing? A year? Who cares. You've got your franchise QB. Lots of teams draft QBs high and sit them behind a marginal starter. And it works pretty frequently.

A franchise QB is the true need for Buffalo. No need rushing to upgrade for 2013 - think 2014 through 2024.
I wouldn't take a QB until round 2 at the earliest. LB or CB at 8 seems to just make the most sense..... if everyone thinks these QBs aren't worth drafting than they will fall into the 2nd round easy.

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