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02-15-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post

32 teams:
I like
4 x 15 = 60
2 x 8 = 16
1 x 8 = 8
For 84. If you want 82, then in the 2 x 8, just leave out on game with 2 teams. You play that division mostly h/h every other year, so in 4 times or 8 years you are back to parity.

But, I am not sure whoever of the ETZ teams ends up in the West conference would really like that - too many games on the west coast.

For 30 teams (which I think is still likely - I am not sold on this "expansion is imminent" idea):
Fair to me would be:
4 x 14 = 56
2 x 11 = 22
1 x 4 = 4.
The 2s and the 1s are in the other conference. You rotate the single games. It takes a long time to come out even, but it does after awhile.
But then, my friend, those numbers don't make sense if you want to have 4 Divisions and not 4 Conferences.

And what I'm arguing on the other side, just to cover that base, is that with 4 Conferences, it also doesn't work to have a home-and-home against every team in the League (so that's a knock against that idea for those who want the home-and-home... It can't happen and still have balance inside in the Conference where it counts more.)

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