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Originally Posted by Der Jaeger View Post
Don't think like a fan. Think like Alex Smith.

Arizona. Crappy QBs, bad OL. Good HC.
Buffalo. Crappy QBs. GM that's stated he's leaving after he drafts a franchise QB.
Kansas City. Crappy QBs. Great HC. Decent talent.
Jacksonville. Crappy QBs. Bad team. Unproven head coach.
NY Jets. Crappy QB. Pretty decent team. Good HC.

Rank order where you'd like to go.

KC, Jets, Buffalo, Arizona, Jacksonville.

Smith works for Buffalo. Buffalo isn't the best choice for Smith.
Kc has no interest in Smith and I'm not sure you can say the Jets are a decent team.... their defense is about to lose a lot of parts and their offense has nothing special..... besides it isn't like Smith will get to choose where he does (SF will trade him)

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