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02-15-2013, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by ichabod13 View Post
if you were an NHL goalie and saw grabner coming at you....would you be scared?
Absolutely not. He has no hands at all.

Originally Posted by Hip Of Rick View Post
So nice to get a win but the team still only played 1/2 a game of hockey. Need to be better than that.
I agree 100%.

Originally Posted by isles31 View Post
Anyway, its uncanny how he can just freeze a goalie. When he goes in and just shoots as opposed to the backhand of justice, most of the time the goalies dont even move. Biron just stood there like, "Oh you went?" His continues success with that move just makes him more deadly in the shootout. I wish he would work with grabner, but i feel like grabs is a lot like jason blake in that he needs his hands to catch up with how fast he is. Hopefully he does it before hes 32
I always find it interesting when he's going against a goalie that knows him. I love to see what he's going to try. Sometimes he goes to the backhand move and it still works (which is almost insulting when you think about it) and other times like last night he just goes in and picks his spot.

His setup move for the backhand is just so good all goalies have to respect it.

Originally Posted by redbull View Post
best shootout player in the NHL since it was introduced and Boyes is probably top 5 as well. Amazing how Frans is deadly in shootouts but simply cannot score during the actual games. He's got speed but never gets breakaways (probably because he's so good defensively, and covers for Grabs so much). He seems to have a decent shot but is never in a position to get it off, not from scoring areas.
SO's are entirely different from regular play. Nobody is chasing you, about to hit you, and you can take your sweet time going to the net. It's just a different skill set. I think him being defensively responsible is part of why he doesn't score much and who he is playing with.

Originally Posted by Hipietro View Post
Just out of curiosity, what would you say the percentage was of Islander fans there? At the Coliseum it's usually somewhere around 60-40 Islander fans, if not 50-50.

Never been to an Isles Rags game at the Garden and always been curious how many Isles fans actually go.
I've been to them before and it's not 60-40. When I was there last (a few seasons ago) it was probably 75-25. All of the lower section is corporate season ticket holders, so you lost any ability to fill those seats pretty much instantly.

Originally Posted by LAIslanderFan View Post
The one thing you're overlooking is Moulson's weakness also hurts the Isles in the offensive zone. Because he lacks the drive or passion to battle and forecheck, the Islanders lose offensive zone time and have to rely on JT to makeup for Moulson's soft play. That should not fall on JT, JT is the superstar and he needs the support, not Moulson.

I also think that's why people have been asking for more of a grinder to go on that top line, so tavares and [x] can do the grinding while moulson does his thing.

This is way off. There should be a grinder and (x) so Tavares can do his thing. Tavares will be a much more prolific scorer with support. The idea isn't to build around Moulson, it's to build around Tavares and make him the focus.
I don't think so. What does Tavares do well? He controls the puck and makes nice passes in the offensive zone. He can also snipe corners if he's given the chance, but he's not a Gaborik type who won't get physical. Tavares grinds it out.

If you could guarantee me that replacing Moulson with someone else won't hurt the offensive numbers at all, I'd be all for it, but the fact is scoring 30+ goals for three straight seasons is extremely difficult to do and I'm not so sure anyone on the Isles would be able to fill that role currently. Eventually you could move Moulson off that line or the team, but you just can't now.

JT also like Moulson a lot personally, which definitely impacts play and chemistry.

It's not building around Moulson, it's building around JT. It's giving him someone he can pass to and knows will finish. What that line needs is someone else who has the ability to puck control from the corner to free up Tavares so he can get more open looks. If they had that, then the other team has to worry about JT's playmaking ability and Moulson being able to finish. You don't want it to be a scenario where if they shut down Tavares the line sucks.

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