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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
And, for this part - you are the one who keeps arguing this on the basis of 'balance' and 'fairness.' What neither of us seem to mention is that balance and fairness in scheduling for the sake of determining the Stanley Cup means less to the owners than $$$$$$$.

And, you know it.

The players disagreed with the 4 conferences on the basis of 7/8, not the playing matrix. Give them 82 games, and they will be happy.

If you want 'balance' then you are going to have upset players, because the season is going to be longer. Even now you don't have 'balance.' You have 15 teams competing for playoff spots, and they don't play the same schedule. You have differences in the 4/6 and also in who plays who at home in the other conference.

That "perfect fairness" isn't going to happen.
Now, take the current setup. Minnesota plays a difference schedule than Columbus. It's 8 games different within the conference, and maybe 3 games different outside, as well as the home ice thing with the east. All across the West, it's like that. I ran a Bradley-Terry of the whole season last year. It's a mathematical ranking model that simply evaluates results. It's not predictive, it's simply a ranking system for use in unbalanced schedules. Now, this 'loser point' messes it up, so I called all OT results ties. You know what I found??? In spite of the imbalance in the schedules, in both conferences, the right 8 teams were in the playoffs. That leaves me less worried about that than lots of people here are.

I think, like I said, the players will be fine if everyone has 82 games. But, there can't be any 7/8 stuff in their minds....
That 7/8 stuff is all about competitive "fairness" as well. I don't see the difference.

Whether it's 7 teams in one Division and 8 in another, or 16 teams in one Conference and 14 in the other, or whether you play 5 games against some Division opponents and 6 against other Division opponents... It all comes down to the same imbalance in competitive "fairness".

I can accept imbalance outside the Conference or outside the Division, but especially not inside the Division. And the PA doesn't seem to want imbalance between the Conferences.

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