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Originally Posted by Flyerfan808 View Post
For me it has everything to do with everything. I don't really want to write a novel about it, but I would argue that NES, SNES and PS1 controller's button placements were all very similar and followed a more systematic progression. Like you, I had to buy all my own systems (my parents were poor and couldn't afford alot of things) and so I was always faced with one or the other. I chose PS1 over N64 and PS2 over X-Box and so, everytime I pick up an X-Box controller it feels like a foreign language.
Haha I guess. I was in the same boat as you: PS1 over N64, PS2 over Xbox. But then I actually got an Xbox.. It was a much more powerful machine. Graphics were much better (draw distances in San Andreas on PS2 vs. Xbox are laughable) and it had a hard drive where you could burn music CDs to, then play your tracks in-game. I like how San Andreas had it's own radio station dedicated to the music on your hard drive.

I will agree, the original Xbox controller was HUGE and uncomfortable. Pressing the white and black buttons was almost a struggle. Microsoft realized the problem and designed the Xbox Controller S (not to be confused with the 360 controller).

Sony, on the other hand, has refused to change the biggest problem with their controller: the triggers, or lack thereof. The R2/L2 buttons pale in comparison to the triggers found on the Xbox controller. I honestly thought the PS2 controller would feature triggers, but it did not. This didn't really bother me until the PS3 was released and we found out that the R2/L2 buttons were still crappy. I mean, hell, the Sega Dreamcast controller was awesome and it came out a couple of years before the PS2. You would think Sony would take a look at the advancements made by other companies and copy them. Nope.

Button placement isn't the issue. You compared the NES, SNES and PS1 controllers yet failed to include the fact that the button placement is the exact same on the XBox controller that you're so strongly against. Button placement isn't the problem, it's the fact that Sony REMOVED a feature (rumble), installed a cheesy motion feature to compete with Wii (Sixaxis) and failed to change the R2/L2 buttons into triggers. In my opinion, they need to move the left analog stick to the current d-pad location. The left analog stick is generally used for movement and should be aligned in front of you, not in an offset position.

Anyway, speaking of Dreamcast, I really miss some of the games on there. Power Stone, Sonic Adventure, Seamen and of course, the start of the 2K Sports franchise. The Dreamcast memory card was pretty freaking awesome as well.

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