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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Yes, MNN, I thought that's what was central to our discussion here.
Sorry, I thought you were commenting on the 4 x15 etc schedule....

If you are concerned about the home/home; rest within division matrix. That leaves 24 games that are not balanced. If you put the PTZ/MTZ teams' division with the CTZ teams' division as an example, and choose top 8 from that, you have 24 games on the schedules that are not the same. That is about twice what there is now.

I would comment thus: 24/8s = ~30%. Do you know how much the NFL's schedule is imbalanced? Answer: Always at least 44%, possibly more than 75%. And, they still have the 2 wild cards. Do you know about baseball? At least approximately 30% and some times more. (I don't want to take the time to do all the math, and MLB has some inconsistencies that are hard to count because it's not the same for each team).

So, now my 30% doesn't seem so bad. It is twice what is the imbalance at present, though. Did you catch my earlier post about my Bradley-Terry calculation? That 15% that is different now in the 2 conferences made no difference if you do the calculation about who should be in the playoffs. In fact, comparing across the entire league, where the imbalance now would be 75% or more, the only difference between Bradley-Terry and the NHL's points standings could be attributed to overtime and shootout results.

So, now that 30% really doesn't seem so bad.

Which, I know, you will say it's 'justification.' I do think, however, that it is justification that the owners would like, because they want the home/home.

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