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02-15-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by deanwormer View Post
Sellouts matter because it gives the Preds a chance to have more people get a positive experience. That experience includes the game, but it's also the arena, amenities and customer service. It's part of building the fanbase. It's how they can build the 501 Club with a reasonable expectation of that working, rather than it being a pipe-dream way to grab some incremental revenue. Bodies in-and-around the building drive the overall economic impact the Preds have on downtown and the SoBro area.

IMHO, it is a VERY big deal that they are selling out the place, both as a point of overall pride, from a marketing perspective, and for driving the longevity of the franchise.

Your are correct sir. It is all about bang for the buck We choose this entertainment by choice. A night taking in a game with parking and dinner sets one back a couple hundred dollars. Last night dinner was a little over a hundred for us two being V Day but is never less than 60 to 70 on gameday. 4 beers at the game will not even discuss that price. Parking and the tickets. You are fooling yourself if you do not think people will just walk away from this team unless they are not better on the ice. I has happened before to this tem and it has happened to the Titians.

Dean I was not pointing that at you

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