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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
Interesting premise, but the author pretty readily admits that nothing he looked at really showed any kind of correlative relationship. and the issue is that it's just too hard to rope all the factors that will play into attendance levels into hard #s to be able to calculate. Initial attendance is likely largely based on hype, but beyond that, the impact of the hype level will fade and it will more strongly rely on on-field success. The fact that this is the most attention and excitement the Jays have generated since the world series years will probably help out for the first couple of series, but if the team falters out of the gate, the hype won't save them from potential attendance dips, and neither will how they finished the year before or how much they're spending on the roster this year.
I agree with you Nem

I think with the "hype" they've created a floor, with all the increased season ticket and flex pack sales. Between them you're probably guaranteed around mabye 25,000a game when you factor in the "walk up". But beyond that its going to largely depend on the success of the team.

I'd argue though that with the talent they've got, as long as they're playing .500 ball into august, we'll see the 35k a game that Beeston is looking for. The sheer talent and spectacle to go see Dickey or Johnson along with Reyes etc. will be enough to draw that type of crowd.

If the team is losing, you're definitely going to see a drop off as soon as things get out of reach. On the flipside if the team is first after April, I expect tickets, particularly on weekends to be a very hot commodity.

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