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Originally Posted by CornKicker View Post
you are insane, Overeem was dominating that fight, he chose to fight a counter striking game which wasn't working because bigfoot was terrified to engage. Overeem made a huge mistake not expecting bigfoot to come out swinging and got smoked. IMO there is no way that happens again, overeem won't take anyone lightly and would destroy bigfoot in a rematch.
Dominating is a huge stretch , even with Silva generating no offense. Do you give any rounds 10-8 to Overeem even tho Silva did nothing? Nope. He controlled the first two rounds, nothing more. He chose to counter strike a fighter who stood in front of him the entire first round. Seems like a good plan. Overeem should have an advantage in the clinch over every hw and he still couldn't land anything damaging or wear Silva down in the clinch.

Overeem was just flat out not impressive that fight. He was a TERRIBLE matchup for Silva and couldn't do anything substantial for the 1st ten minutes. Silva came at him at the end of the 2nd round and at the beginning of the 3rd. For being a supposed top end striker, there's no excuses for getting beaten down like that. Overeem has yet to beat anyone at the top of the hw division and I dont think that's going to change. He might of beat Werdum but he still couldnt oustrike him in that fight.

Silva said he was waiting for Overeem to gas out before making his charge and it seemed to work to me. No excuses for Overeem, especially this being his first fight back from failing a drug test.

Originally Posted by CornKicker View Post
yeah he has a really weak chin, thats how he ate 6 bombs from a 280lb bigfoot before he went down. the only 2 people to KO him standing before that was Chuck liddell (reem was clearly gassed)and Sergei Kharitonov (huge HW with great power). Shogun KO'd him twice both times with hammerfists on the ground, and that is hardly a slight on anyones chin as shoguns hammerfist knockout list is plentyful.
Overeem doesnt have the best chin but I wouldn't say weak. He's only been stopped by strikers with great power but he has been stopped 7 times. Problem with Overeem is once he is hurt or takes a big shot, he basically folds and has no chance of recovering or responding.

Not a good example using the bigfoot fight tho. Overeem was clearly out on his feet with his back against the cage and it wasnt his chin keeping him up.

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